Pre Review : Specialized S-Works EXOS Cycling Shoes

When Specialized launched this shoe in Feb 2019 they were not messing around regarding innovation. They went big on materials and features to impress.
140 Grams each, Titanium cleat studs, Dyneema upper material, single boa with high stiffness carbon sole. (The S-Works 7 has a slightly stiffer carbon plate) These shoes are drool worthy. Cannot wait to get some miles on them.

First Impressions

  • God they are light, god they are light…. good god they are light. Yes 150grams will do that compared with a 250gram shoe, it’s noticeably different, in the hand and on the foot.
  • The toe-box is wide like a Shimano shoe, but the overall design and wrap of the materials felt immediately comfortable.
  • The Dyneema material is very thin yet feels strong.
  • When get off the bike and do a little hike to filter water are they gonna fall apart 🙂
  • Im not sure im fast enough to warrant wearing these!

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