Lost Lake Ride (Lolo Pass > NF13 > Lost Lake > Lolo Pass)

July 2023 UPDATE:

Gravel is very washboardy, ride slow when descending – Lolo Pass recently had a small landslide and the moving of heavy machinery to the site created some tracks and washboard that aren’t normally in the gravel. Hopefully these will disperse over time.

For many years, the Circumnavigate Mount Hood ride has been considered a top choice. There have been a few different versions of the ride due to the versatile roads around Mount Hood. One of these variations includes a ride in the shape of a lollipop, starting and ending at the picturesque Lost Lake Resort. This route eliminates some of the highway riding that is typically part of the traditional Mount Hood ride.

  • 72Miles, 7400ft mostly paved
  • 7 miles of light gravel on NF1810 just at the top of Lolo Pass.
  • Road bike with 25c tires is ok.


At just over half way (41 miles) is Lost lake Resort. Here is a small store which has food and drink. If you are riding this in the off season its worth checking that the store is open before you head out.
If needed along the way are many streams which can be used for water. (water filtered suggested)

Lolo Pass Rd
Lolo Pass Rd
Valley views towards Zigzag mountain
NF 1810 - a few miles of gravel
At the top of Lolo Pass is NF 1810 – (mile 12) a few miles of gravel
Make sure you have good tire pressure at this point. Riding a road bike it’s easy to get pinch punctures in the gravel if you are running low.
Water (dry run creek) at mile 23
Postcard views at Lost Lake
Postcard views at Lost Lake
Lost Lake Resort
Lost Lake Resort
The descent out of Lost Lake resort is a nice refreshing drop (gentle twisty 5miles of negative 6%). Make sure you don’t blow past the right hand turn for Lolo Pass rd (NF 18).
My favourite part of Lolo Pass is here where it connects to Lost lake Rd. Exposed sweeping road drops over the West Fork Hood River before the climb begins.

Wahtum Lake Variation

83miles, 9200ft

You can incorporate Wahtum Lake in the overall Lost Lake loop as an out and back detour. Since the amazingly beautiful lake is remote, it is mainly trafficked by through hikers of the Pacific Crest trail, making traffic almost non existent. The surrounding area is hiking trails and there are primitive campsites around the lake. Although there are no direct spectacular views of Mount Hood from up here, on the road up there are some amazing valley cutaways. The lake is recessed in a bowl and when you get to the trail head you will have to walk down quite a few wood dirt stairs to get to lake level. I did this in my cycling shoes, no biggie, but just a warning.

On a very busy mid summer day there was only 7 cars at the trail head. meaning its very quite and peaceful.
(Warning the road up is steep and long. 7 miles long and average 6% grade. 2200ft elevation gain) At first this might not seem like a big deal, but when incorporated into the rest of the route it makes for a long ride.

Wahtum Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30608517

Wahtum Lake
Wahtum Lake
NFF1310 up to Wahtum Lake
NFF1310 up to Wahtum Lake
Views from NF1310

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