Rapha’s new turbo trainer duds. But will they raise your FTP?

We have all been there, sat on the trainer, in a pool of sweat. And inevitably we forgot to grab the remote control or the tissue to blow our runny work induced noses. Annoying yeah.

Rapha have come up with some highly utility clothing solutions for these things.

1. Shorts $130 – shorts not bibs, but with pockets for your snot rag or roku control. No bib straps so no sweaty high waist or soggy straps to deal with.

2. Tank tops $75 with lots of ventilation, large neck area and loose fit. Now you can look like a runner but on your bike! how cool is that? Also the tank stops you sweating on the floor and your Chris King bottom bracket, pretty good reason not to be shirtless.

3. Caps $40 which are ultra mesh and highly wicking to stop the sweat running down your face and keeps hair out of the way on monster 10% over FTP sessions.

4. Sweat Towel $15- a fancy towel, wait for it…. with loops sewn on you you can dangle it over your hoods to stop the sweat from getting in your Chris King headset. Still a nice handy touch.

See the gear here : https://www.rapha.cc/indoor-training

Rapha also took some fancy fancy pictures of killer gorrila’s Lawson Craddock and Elli Harris riding on the turbo’s to get you motivated.

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