Route Dev : Parkdale / Lawrence Lake

Parkdale side of Mt. Hood has always been a little bit unexplored on the Gravel bike. I get into this, coming soon. For now here is my first trail.


Parkdale is on the East side of Mt. Hood, a small town with a few good eats and breweries also leads to some unexplored paths that can link up to some cold classics.

Spec :

  • In Progress, not finalized

Feature :

  • Killer views of the east side of mt.hood
  • Roads much less travelled
  • Easy bailouts to NF16
  • Punchy climbs

Tech Notes :

  • Active logging roads early, weekday caution.
  • Water refills on NF16, one is to right-hand side of road easily accessible. One on left a little more tricky.
  • Out of commission areas when dropping to Lawrence lake, caution do a bit of googling before you hit this.
  • Around route needs to be confirmed.
  • MTB style trail, prepare to hang off back and hit tight corners.
  • NF1611 down to lake needs to be explored.

Gear Selection :

  • Moots Routt, 35c Schwalbe G One’s Tubeless.
  • Water filter is essential.

Routability :

Coming Soon


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