Route Dev : Parkdale / Lawrence Lake

The North East side of Mt. Hood (Parkdale) has always been a little bit unexplored on the gravel bike for me. I decided to try link up a few things. here is my initial pass which includes the end trip up to Cloud Cap (that you can see in one of my other writeups here)

Parkdale, Oregon is on the East side of Mt. Hood, a small town with a few good eats and breweries. The local businesses are fruit farms which you get to experience on the ride out.

Route Overview

44 Miles and 7,400ft
Some chunky gravel logging roads.
35c + tyres
No food services, no conventional water services. Water filter advised.
1 section of hike / bike trail with steep sections

Features :

  • Killer views of the east side of mt.hood
  • Roads much less travelled
  • Easy bailouts to NF16 a smooth road back into Parkdale.
  • Punchy climbs

Notes :

  • Active logging roads, weekday caution.
  • Water refills on NF16, one is to right-hand side of road easily accessible. One on left a little more tricky.
  • Maybe some out of commission areas when dropping to Lawrence Lake, caution do a bit of googling before you hit this.
  • Around route needs to be confirmed.
  • MTB style trail, prepare to hang off back and hit tight corners.
  • NF1611 down to lake needs to be explored.

Gear Selection :

  • Moots Routt, 35c Schwalbe G One’s Tubeless.
  • 35+ tyres would be recommended
  • Water filter is essential.

Routability :

At the moment this stands as a point to point. But it would be easy to link it back to Parkdale.

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